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Show and Shine - August 2018

For general questions


Pick the most appropriate car class for your vehicle;
and please check whether you want to be judged or not on the registration form.
Yes or No

 If unsure please ask so you get placed in the right class.


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American Muscle 1949-1959
Chevy 5-6-7 Car All
Classic Euro-British-Asian (all Years) Stock
Classic Motorcycle 
Custom Motorcycle
Electric Vehicle
Ford Muscle Car (1960 - 1981) Stock
Fifties,Sixties & Seventies American Modified
Fifties,Sixties & Seventies American Stock
GM Muscle Car (1960 - 1981) Stock
Modern American Muscle 2000 -up All

Mopar & AMC Muscle Car (1960 - 1981) Stock
Pre-Modern American (1980- 99) Modified
Pre-Modern American (1980- 99) Stock
Pre-Modern American (1980- 99) Modified
Pre- Modern American Muscle (1982 - 99) Stock
Rat Rod - Patina
Semi Truck
Special Interest
Street Rod Car or Truck (1949 - down )
Truck (1950-1987) Modified
Truck (1950-1987) Stock
Truck (1988- 1999) Modified
Truck (1988- 1999) Stock
Truck all (2000- up) All
Tuner American (No V8's in this class)
Tuner Asian
Tuner Euro
Unlimited Tuner
Vintage-Historic (1949 - down ) Car Stock
Vintage-Historic (1949- down ) Truck Stock

Category Detail

Street Rod Car or Truck ( 1949 - down )
--Allows unlimited body modifications. Bodies can be lowered, rooflines dropped, suicide doors put on, hood and trunk louvers, etc.

Anything Stock or Muscle Car
--All equipment except battery, exhaust and tires must be period correct for the age of the vehicle. no -Aftermaket engine parts Continental kits and fender skirts would be
considered period correct for certain vehicles

Ford Muscle Car (1960 - 1974) Stock-------------------------Fairlane GT- Cobra , Torino GT-Cobra, Galaxie 390-up eng, Mustang GT-Mach 1-Boss , Comet GT-Cyclone, Cougar GT-Eliminators- Boss

GM Muscle Car (1960 - 1974) Stock--------------------------- Skylark GS, Camaro SS -Z28 , Chevelle SS, Impala SS, Nova SS, Acadian-Beaumount Sport , El Camino SS, Firebird w/400 cid or OHC 6cyl, GTO

Mopar & AMC Muscle Car (1960 - 1974) Stock--------------Challenger RT, Charger RT, Coronet RT, Dart w 340 & 440 eng, Daytona Superbird, GTX , Roadrunner, Superbee, ` Cuda 70-up, Duster 340, AMC AMX, Javelin big block V8

Pre- Modern American Muscle (1982 - 99) Stock
Modern American Muscle 2000 -up All----------------------------- Corvette and other High Performance American VehicleModified/ Custom
--This includes any changes in wheels, body, modernized brakes, and/or modified engine. Anything goes under the skin.

-- Modified or Stock

Special Interest
-- Non production odd ball or one off

-- Mildly modified Sub sports compact car

Unlimited Tuner
--Radically Modified any model sports compact car